Barack Obama And Me

In 2005 I walked right by Barack Obama.

I was on a plane to Washington D.C. to look at Georgetown and other East Coast schools. I was heading to my seat at the back of the plane when I saw Obama, sitting on the aisle, wearing a white shirt and looking really tired. From the looks of things I was the only one on the plane who recognized him.

I didn't say anything, shake his hand or write him a letter, although I contemplated doing all of those. It sounds stupid now, but I was worried it was a totally random guy. I thought Senators had escorts and people around them 24/7, especially since Obama was a potential presidential candidate.

As soon as we deplane he and a few other Congressmen were whisked away by a team of guys in suits. By that point of course it was too late.

Anyway, that's my Obama story.

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