California Statewide Balllot Propositions and Recommendations: Prop 3

This bond would authorize the sale of $1 billion in government bonds for construction and renovation of children's hospitals and UC general hospitals. This would increase the budget deficit by $64 million per year. Proponents say that children's hospitals don't have enough room to currently see all of their patients, this bill would allow them to expand their operations and buy the latest equipment. Opponents say the main beneficiaries are health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

My vote: NO. Everyone wants to show support for sick children, and the proponents are not asking for very much money. I think that curing sick children is a public good and deserves government financing.However, I see no extraordinary reason to sidestep the normal legislative process to procure these funds. Hospital funds should be voted on by the Legislature just like everything else in the California state budget. Furthermore, the pro-Prop 3 side does not do a very good job of explaining what, if any, deficiencies exist today and why these hospitals urgently need more funding.

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