California Statewide Ballot Propositions and Recommendations: Prop 2

If this measure passes, calves, egg-laying hens and pregnant pigs will have the right under California law to lie down, stand up, turn around and fully extend their limbs. There are a number of exceptions for transportation and rodeos and such. Supporters say packing animals in close quarters is cruel and spreads disease, and this measure would help deter new farm construction in California. Negaters say the bill will hurt Californian families and egg production in California will shut down.

My vote: NO. I am no fan of cruelty to animals, but I think that progress in these areas will be made naturally over time as wealth increases. I doubt the measure will help at all. I predict that rather than comply with the new rules, California farmers will simply stop raising calves, hens and pigs, or move their farms to other states. The net result will be higher prices for Californians, less jobs and zero animals benefiting from the new law.

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