California Statewide Ballot Propositions and Recommendations: Prop 5

Proposition 5 is complicated and long. It would allocate $500 million for more treatment programs for drug offenders. It would allow the state to save $2.5 billion one time because they won't have to construct as many prison beds. However, there are increased costs of $1 billion per year for drug treatment and rehabilitation programs. The proposition also changes possession of less than 28.5g of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

My vote: NO. Having to vote yes or no on such a complex measure is like trying to type with an Acme-sized hammer. If a voter likes all parts of it but one, does he vote yes? If there is one redeeming part?I see no reason why this legislation on drug offenses should be voted on by the people and not the Legislature. Furthermore, the Legislature can change and shape the bill whereas the voter record is considered a mandate. I question the ability of voters to fully weigh the effects of the legislation. So I'm voting the same way I'll vote for anything I don't understand: no.

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