Dean Huang to stay at CMC

In an email to the student body, beloved Dean of Students Jeff Huang announced that he is going to stay at CMC. Jeff is a good guy and we've talked a lot, and as far as I know he does his job well, both as Dean of Students and as a philosophy professor, with some of the highest ratings in the evaluations book. This is a little silly to say now, and obviously it's sad to see anyone with whom you've developed a close relationship leave for greener pastures, but is it unreasonable to assume that CMC would hire a replacement dean that's just as good? CMC would probably solicit close to two hundred applications for a replacement; surely one of two hundred is qualified, friendly, and understanding enough to take his place. A similar neuron fires when I hear people discuss how going to CMC was the best decision they ever made. Was it really CMC that was the good decision, or was it going to college in general? Unless you've transferred, studied abroad or have significant reason to believe that CMC is special, you've got to assume that you would have had just as good an experience anywhere. Another similar neuron fires when sports teams overpay for local heroes when their contracts have expired, something the Oakland A's have chosen not to do probably twenty times over the past decade. Surely fans can fall in love with other great players, who are cheaper. "Refusing to overpay for local heroes" is also a good way to describe my dating life for the past three years.

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