links for 2010-08-19

  • A couple of interesting counterintuitive ideas: He mentioned that the more money people spend on videos, the worse those videos seem to get. Also, he thinks it makes more sense to have students watch lectures at home and do homework at school as opposed to vice versa.
  • Of course, the reality is you’re doomed if you’re even asking yourself the question. You know what I think? I think people who tell themselves ‘if I make $X million, then I’ll stop working and do what I want’ never make that $X million. They just don’t possess the relentlessness that makes it possible. I haven’t known that many hyper-wealthy people in my life, but at Goldman I used to sit 12 hours a day next to people whose annual incomes were greater than the capitalizations of many startups, and they possessed a rapacious greed breathtaking in scale. If they got paid $2MM that year, they’d want $4MM. Pay them $10MM, and they’d hanker for $50MM. Half a billion? They’d want to catch up to the Bill Gates of the world, and make several billion. Successful startup founders I’ve met seem no less ferocious.

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