links for 2010-09-01

  • Any company where the value's in the network - focus on one specific area and then expand. Example - Facebook at Harvard
  • when there are problems in the third world, whites in shining armor come to the rescue. Local charities and NGO's get no coverage
  • Promotional video for luxury clothing company in the US. Great example of how to show, not tell, quality - show the tools, the care, the attention to detail, instead of just showing great suits
  • This article explores the dilemma of choosing talent using NBA data from 1987 to 2003. We find there is much uncertainty in selecting talent. If superstars are found, they are usually identified early. However, more false positives exist than correct decisions with high draft picks. Our results suggest the dilemma of choosing talent is not so much a winner's curse but more like a purchase of a lottery ticket. Most times you lose, but, if you are going to win, you must buy a ticket.
  • Plays a random song to unfix songs from your head. Need a mobile version though, if I'm on my computer i can find another song
  • Build your focus like an endurance athlete. He uses interval training - slowly building the length of focused time. Recommends ditching second monitor, use Spaces to filter distracting things. Sets up Chrome to have no more than 5 tabs open at one time (oldest one closes if you open a 6th tab). Ditches the mouse (i'm getting close to this point as well).
  • $5 month, unlimited, almost got bought last week. Looks cool - like the FAQ on the frontpage

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