links for 2010-09-03

  • web server for beginners
  • awesome article on a german reinsurer, who computes the probabilities of everything. would like to work at that place just to know what the odds are
  • GiveWell analysis of microfinance charities
  • Three forces trying to pull the Internet apart: Governments want more access to browsing history, email messages. IT companies might fragment into digital territories they can control, limit access to other parts of internet (the "cloud," I think). Network owners might try to segregate traffic, sending some traffic faster and some traffic slower
  • I wouldn’t have recognized him on the street and I didn’t know his name, but I knew him, or at least knew his body, and knew this odd habit of his. To put it in social-media terms, it was as if @weirdneighbor were tweeting, “I like playing piano in the nude. Whatever.” Because of the slant of the sun and the size of my windows, I don’t think he could see me, so our relationship, as it were, was less like Facebook, where the exchange is mutual, and more like Twitter: in other words, I was “following” him, but he wasn’t following me.
  • 8. Tyler Cowen, The Age of the Infovore. This would replace Landsburg in the category I think of as "economists outside the box." Many alternatives here, none exactly right. What I really want is The Best of Robin Hanson, a collection of six essays (any more and the students' heads would explode), but that book doesn't exist.
  • The school also plans to enroll students who may have suffered from bullying, young athletes who spend a lot of time traveling, children from military families who tend to move often and students who don't feel challenged at traditional schools. The school is being funded as any other public school in the state. School districts that have students attending the school will have to pay Greenfield up to $5,000 per student.
  • how to add google shopping cart to your site
  • Such ecosystems normally develop over million of years through a slow process of co-evolution. By contrast, the Green Mountain cloud forest was cobbled together by the Royal Navy in a matter of decades. Dr Wilkinson exclaimed: "This is really exciting!" "What it tells us is that we can build a fully functioning ecosystem through a series of chance accidents or trial and error."
  • Dr. Redelmeier’s unusual approach goes hand in hand with some pronounced personality quirks. His e-mails, which are legendary among their recipients, are written as lists, with a number assigned to each thought. Dr. Redelmeier does this, he said, in order to focus on the content of a message rather than get distracted by grammar, punctuation and syntax.
  • Adopt a growth mindset, sleep well, nap lying down for < 30 mins, forgive yourself for procrastinating, test yourself (not immediately following studying), pace your studies (review frequently in short bursts), beware vivid examples, get handouts prior to the lecture, believe in yourself
  • List of things people call "ironic" that are actually bad luck, coincidence, sarcastic, or hypocritical - in other words not ironic.
  • How much data gets sent between your computer and Youtube when you request a video, and how fast
  • n both books we observed that payroll and wins in baseball do not have a strong correlation. Specifically, a team’s payroll only explains about 20% of a team’s wins. This means that it takes more than dollars to win in baseball. And this means that simply taking money from the rich teams and giving it to the poor teams is not going to transform baseball’s lower classes into winners. The Pirates appear to be agreeing with this observation. Rather than spend all the revenue sharing money – which may or may not lead to many more wins – the Pirates have decided to just keep part of this money as profits.

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