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  • In a winner-take all economy, however, small differences in skills can mean large differences in returns and we have moved towards a winner take-all economy because technology has increased the size of the market that can be served by a single person or firm
  • Author figures out how to stack a deck of cards so that no matter how they are cut, the dealer still wins the hold 'em hand. Really cool
  • "loneliness occurs in clusters, extends up to three degrees of separation, is disproportionately represented at the periphery of social networks, and spreads through a contagious process. The spread of loneliness was found to be stronger than the spread of perceived social connections, stronger for friends than family members, and stronger for women than for men. The results advance our understanding of the broad social forces that drive loneliness and suggest that efforts to reduce loneliness in our society may benefit by aggressively targeting the people in the periphery to help repair their social networks and to create a protective b
  • “Why were you in China?” asked the passport control officer, a woman with the appearance and disposition of a prison matron. “None of your business,” I said. Her eyes widened in disbelief. “Excuse me?” she asked. “I’m not going to be interrogated as a pre-condition of re-entering my own country,” I said. and it gets better from there...
  • wow
  • Sobering - Most laymen probably assume that the 350-year-old institution of “peer review”, which acts as a gatekeeper to publication in scientific journals, involves some attempt to check the articles that see the light of day. In fact they are rarely checked for accuracy, and, as a study for the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think-tank, reported last year, “the data and computational methods are so seldom disclosed that post-publication verification is equally rare.” Journals will usually consider only articles that present positive and striking results, and scientists need constantly to publish in order to keep their careers alive.
  • Rejection Therapy consists of only one rule: You must be rejected by another person at least once, every single day. Please notice the wording of the rule. It doesn’t say you must “attempt” or “try” to be rejected. The rule is you MUST be rejected by another human being. In this game, rejection is success. No other outcome will meet the requirement of this program. To put yourself in a situation where rejection is likely, but to your surprise your request is granted, is not a successful outcome. Why? Because you weren’t rejected. You didn’t ask for too much.
  • Other words on the list include "Lady Gaga," "rude," in reference to departing "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell, and "Asperger's Syndrome" , the autism disorder seen on the Emmy Award-winning HBO film, "Temple Grandin."

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