links for 2010-09-15

  • Managers at TheLadders spend more time on talent development in a day than I experienced at Morgan Stanley in a year. Analyst programs in investment banking are typically two years stints, at which point most analysts join Private Equity firms or Hedge Funds for better hours and higher pay. The big banks have a really hard time keeping people, and their HR teams have tried all sorts of things to up retention. Unfortunately for them, they are stuck in a vicious cycle. Since analysts are in and out in two years, and likely only “all there” for 1.5 years (3 months ramping and 3 months of “senioritis”), senior group members have very little incentive to form long-lasting relationships/mentorships
  • "Work With Us" destroys "Free Consultation" Pretty clear to me - the first one conveys high status while the second one signals that they're desperate for work. Bain doesn't give out free consultations. "We know it’s hard to believe that the “Work with Us” beat “Free Consultation,” especially by such a huge 171% lift and considering the later is actually offering something for free. We think this test shows the importance of testing call to action copy because you rarely truly know what’s going to convince your audience to act unless you test it."
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