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  • The algorithm used by this cron is as follows: On start-up, look for a file named .crontab in the home directories of all account holders. For each crontab file found, determine the next time in the future that each command is to be run. Place those commands on the Franta-Maly event list with their corresponding time and their "five field" time specifier. Enter main loop: Examine the task entry at the head of the queue, compute how far in the future it is to be run. Sleep for that period of time. On awakening and after verifying the correct time, execute the task at the head of the queue (in background) with the privileges of the user who created it. Determine the next time in the future to run this command and place it back on the event list at that time value.
  • (tags: vim)
  • wow: "I wanted to see if I could make myself smarter, by strategically placing notes to myself. Intelligence, as I define it, is getting the right information at the right time at the right place, towards whatever end you are going for." Lion emerged from his experiment a changed man. As a result of spending months thinking and writing down his thoughts with a pen, his brain had started to work in new ways. "You can think about hidden subjects - things that are really important, but that people don't have the time to think about, such as: 'How do we communicate?' 'How is thinking structured?' 'What am I doing?'

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