links for 2010-12-09

  • load up on credit card miles, take advantage of specific programs
  • The problem here is that the core experience architecture of Quora is built around what is known as a stream: a real-time scrolling reverse chronological flow (pioneered in its “live” form by Facebook and Twitter, but dating back to BBSes). Highly personalized and customized no doubt, but still basically a ticker, zoomed in strongly on “now.” This creates a strong bias towards the bulletin-board end of the architecture (by emphasizing “now”). By contrast, wiki models are typically timeless. You get no time cues when you land on a Wikipedia page, usually. My colleagues at PARC have built a tool called WikiDashboard that allows wikis to bolt on a more explicit temporal dimension. Quora needs the reverse technology: something that mutes the excessive temporality (to be precise, excessively real-time temporal structure) and emphasizes longer time scales and timelessness.
  • civilian who knows more about terrorist groups than anyone else, has become government expert witness in many terrorist cases
  • File this one under "politically incorrect but likely accurate" - women seeking attention, later spurned

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