links for 2011-01-06

  • Lighty, who has fouled out just twice in his college career, now commits bad fouls so infrequently that he can remember each one. He described his worst of the year -- a play in the first half against South Carolina on Dec. 18, where he correctly identified what the Gamecocks were running from the scouting report ("I knew it, and I even called it out," he said) but failed to get in proper position to chase his man off a baseline double-screen. The ref caught Lighty trying a quick grab-move to keep pace. He was forced to watch it again on tape because Ohio State, as a policy, has its players review every foul they've committed.
  • investigation finds vaccine study's author altered medical histories of all 12 of the patients in the original study. meanwhile, the non-vaccination rate in marin county is 7%

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