Links for today

Here are amazing pictures of the Hajj, the religious ceremony all Muslims are expected to undergo.

Here is an explanation of the reconfiguring of Jamarat Bridge, or, how to solve the logistical problem of getting 3 million people to throw rocks at three pillars without any of them getting trampled.

How to talk to girls, the author is 9

The best laid plans going awry

T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, about mediocrity in middle and old age, but written when he was an undergraduate. Is the poem supposed to be a warning or a general complaint about the state of modern life?

NPR has a record number of viewers, but faces a $23 million deficit and thus is cutting Day to Day and News & Notes. This is troublesome but a usual theme in public radio. I am wondering what happened to the $200 million bequest from Joan Kroc in 2003.

The Economist on new technology that allows cars to avoid collisions. The tradeoffs there deserve their own post. I'm not as convinced of the case for driverless cars.

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