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I've been using Aardvark. Not sure how they plan to make money, but it's pretty cool to ask a question and get an answer back nearly immediately. Loneliness can be transferred from person to person. I've also been dismayed by the reaction to David Obey's war surtax, a proposed income tax which would cover a small percentage of the cost of going to war in Afghanistan. It's one thing to oppose it because it would increase taxes during a recession and another to oppose it on ideological grounds. As long as we can push the costs of war further down the road, we'll be biased in favor of going to war. If we're not willing to spend one percent of our income on the war in Afghanistan, then maybe we shouldn't be there at all. Unfortunately, the cost of war is not salient for many Americans. Here is a moving speech by Diane Savino, on the eve of the gay marriage vote in the New York Senate.

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