Markdown.css: help make the Web prettier

Markdown is a tool that lets you quickly write text for the Web. As an example, if I want to write a list, instead of this:
    <li>First list item!</li>
    <li>Second list item!</li>
    <li>Third item!</li>
I can write this:
* First list item!
* Second list item!
* Third item!
then run it through the markdown processor to generate HTML. However the default text it spits out is really ugly; it uses your browser’s default styling. This means that lines will stretch all the way across the page and the only font you can use is Times (or Arial, for sans-serif). So I wrote about 100 lines of CSS to make your generated Markdown files look much, much prettier. You only have to add the following line to the top of your .markdown file:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet"></link>
and you’re good to go. Your eyes (and your viewers eyes) will thank you. For more check out the project homepage or the Github repo.

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