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On Sunday morning at 1am I had a lot of stomach pain. I am a One Medical customer, had heard that they offered urgent care, and so I searched on their website for information.

Unfortunately their urgent care option does not show up in the list of care options on their website:

I concluded that their urgent care offering didn't actually exist and paid for a competing provider's product, so I could talk to a doctor at 1am.

This morning I was informed that their urgent care option does exist, but only in their mobile apps. So you have to go into the iOS app and then you will see "Video Call Now" as an option.

This is a baffling design choice to me. I don't understand why, as a company, you'd only put features in one of the several ways customers can use your product. Or at the very least you could put "Video Call" in the list of options on the website, and then have a popup that says "open the app." But they didn't do that.

So if you are looking to get urgent care or use any One Medical feature try the app.

If this post was useful please send the One Medical twitter account a DM saying so so they can update their product.

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