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Pay me $5 per hour to sit behind you in the library and make sure you don't procrastinate. I screen your calls, ward off anyone that comes near to make conversation, make sure you're not browsing Facebook, blogging or reading about the history of Disneyland on Wikipedia. Better yet, why not set up a website where strangers can monitor each other, for free. I believe strangers would be better at monitoring than friends; if you were trying this with your friends you'd distract each other. Customers would buy this service to train themselves to focus for hours at a time - once they have good habits they won't need someone to watch over their shoulder. Furthermore, the returns from hard work are positive - one half-hour of working hard frees up two hours for drinking or hanging out, time that would have been spent in the library aimlessly surfing the Web. This has limited potential, because I just don't think procrastinators are that interested in changing their behavior, despite what they might tell you.

Liked what you read? I am available for hire.

2 thoughts on “Potential business/website idea

  1. Josh

    What’s the difference between that and an alcoholic paying someone to keep him from drinking alcohol? A fat person paying someone to keep them from eating food? People don’t want to admit they have a problem that severe, for one thing.

    Also, you should check out the free WordPress plugin that lets people subscribe to follow up comments.

    1. kburke

      I agree that the market isn’t there at the moment. Alcoholics do arrange to meet others to check each others bad habits, at AA meetings. The ‘business’ requires no investment, at the least.

      I added the plugin, as well

      Kevin :-)


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