Quality of Life improvements at my new school

I recently transferred to Claremont McKenna College from the University of Pennsylvania and have made several changes to my daily routine that greatly improve my quality of life. I list four. - Planning Ahead. I frequently ate and hung out alone at Penn because I failed to coordinate plans with others. Meals and studying are some of the best times to get to know other students (Drinking isn't the best time; conversation when partying is invariably superficial) and I missed out on a lot of interaction time at Penn through apathy. Seeing Friends. CMC is one tenth the size of Penn and I see friends regularly while walking around or eating meals. This is really important. It's a great way to quickly catch up and/or make plans for later. Lifting Weights. I am putting some muscle on my lean frame. Working out feels great and my clothes fit better across the chest and shoulders. I am also getting stronger. A good weight training program takes about six hours per week. Not Leaving Projects to the Last Minute. I find that schoolwork will always expand or contract to fill the amount of time you have to complete it. At Penn this often meant late nights or early mornings the night before papers are due. I am doing much more with my time now and can't afford a sleepless night. My solution is simple but draws laughter from other students. Whenever a paper is coming up I write out a $50 check to the National Rifle Association, PETA, Focus on the Family or another organization I dislike and give it to a friend I know will mail it. I tell him/her that if I don't email them a copy of the finished paper by midnight, they should mail the check. This tactic is amazingly effective; I get the work done during productive hours and I still get to sleep those nights.

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  1. the college freshmen you are related to

    hmm…. it’s 1:09 am est and i have two papers due in the morning, and here i am reading your blog about how i should prepare…. uh-oh!


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