Seatbelts and nav screens

Every new car with a dashboard navigation screen has a feature that doesn't let you fiddle with the controls while the car is going over 10 miles per hour. This is annoying but maybe for the best, as if you are trying to punch in an address while driving on the freeway you're not going to be focused on the road. But the safety feature isn't complete, as you can still fiddle with the audio and temperature controls at any speed. My guess is that the car companies know that changing these controls isn't safe but if they banned the controls at high speed there would be a significant backlash from consumers. The most annoying thing is that if you have a passenger in the car, it's logical to assume that the driver can focus on driving while the passenger enters new directions into the nav screen. This division of labor is perfectly safe. And furthermore cars can tell if there's a passenger, because if there's a heavy weight in the front seat and the passenger doesn't have their seatbelt on a blinking light flashes on the dash. Why can't car companies combine those two features so if there's a passenger in the car you can control the nav screen while moving at high speed? That's a pretty simple innovation. Obviously you can hack around it by putting a few watermelons in the front seat or something but people hack around the driving system as it is, by idling along until they've entered in directions, or accelerating all the way to a red light and then braking suddenly, so that they maximize the amount of time they have to punch in directions. Perhaps there's a law against entering in directions while driving over 10 mph but I doubt it.

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