Should laptops come with Internet built in?

Why can I get internet anywhere on my phone but not my laptop? As in, why do phones have Internet built in before laptops do? Laptops are a more expensive, sophisticated product and if they can stick a mobile Internet thingy inside a laptop. Internet dongles for a laptop cost about $60 per month, much more than for phones, which cost about $30 per month for unlimited use. 1) We pay for phones on a monthly basis, but we pay a flat fee for laptops. Mobile internet requires a monthly fee. 10 years of internet service up-front would add about $3100 to the cost of a laptop. 2) We are more likely to use our laptops in areas with a wireless signal, like our house or workplace. We don't use them so much on the go. I expect that just as air conditioning used to be a luxury item in cars and now it's a staple, Internet in phones will do the same, followed by Internet in laptops, as the electronics become cheaper relative to the cost of the device.

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