The infinite bits problem; skills I’d like to build upon

The other day I made this list of things I'd like to learn more about (within the next year). I'm convinced that not focusing on one area has really hurt my impressiveness, so I need to cull this down and ruthlessly prioritize. The first priority at this moment is landing a kickass job, so that'll take precedence. I started by deleting RSS feeds not related to these areas. If you don't at least have a list of skills you'd like to improve upon you're probably spinning your wheels. I welcome comments. Desired skills/areas of knowledge Increasing Productivity Better speaking Reading faster Management skills Making people happy Linear programming Accounting Interview - Conducting and Responding Programming (general) Finance (options, bonds) Reading faces Game Prospect theory "Finding alpha"-related theory (hurdle rate) Depression Asperger's Syndrome Ways to increase or lower someone's status Coaching/Leading people (basketball) Consulting (knowledge) Web Design Design/Usability Photoshop summer activities: working at atlassian explore green startup speech coach coaching AAU consulting blog reading 1 book a week practicing game thesis Filming myself omnifocus plugin/iphone app toastmasters (?) 10 informational interviews Weekly podcasts next fall activities: start-up business Advice for a quarter stand thesis apply for jobs the cmc forum (?) complete classes Robert Day coaching practice interview club good eating club Create online course guide for CMC students planned courses: programming (practice for the ACM) thesis accounting accounting linear programming next semester: philosophy neuroscience (fulfill bio GE) accounting/economics computer science

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