Things I’ve learned, past month or so

The most ambiguous time for me is between 6 and 9 on Thursday through Saturday nights. If I'm around people, I'll go out. However if I'm in my apartment and haven't made plans it's really hard to leave. It's better to say yes to people right away, and turn them down later, than to be accurate about your future plans. I'm trying Rejection Therapy and currently on a 6-day streak. Keeping the streak alive is difficult and so is thinking of creative ways to get rejected. In the moment I usually don't recognize situations either, like the other night when I walked in to Subway at 10:05 even though it closed at 10 and they told me they were closed. Wrinkle free shirts are awesome, especially the non-iron ones from Brooks Brothers. (H/T Andy McKenzie's Delicious feed) I can't remember where I read it but I read that it only takes one bad impression for someone to judge you harshly, so instead of trying to excel, or stand out, you should focus simply on not making an ass of yourself. I've thought a lot about that lately. I have lots of opinions, but I especially enjoy sharing the ones that go against conventional wisdom. Most of my posts for the CMC Forum follow this trend. I've stopped writing for the CMC Forum in part because I'm not that interested in making people angry or impressing people through writing anymore. For all that I talk about the importance of practice, even though it can make you look like an idiot, I sometimes fail to practice enough myself, for fear of looking like an idiot. Practicing is especially important in the face of evidence that testing is the most effective way to learn, and most forms of practice are tests for how well you actually know the material. This is partly why I'm trying to stick with rejection therapy.

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