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What if you organized school as a bunch of one or two-week mini-classes dealing with one idea, one book, one poem or one scientific concept? Classes are usually a series of six or ten related ideas. I was thinking about this because my habits are usually excellent at the beginning of the semester and then slowly sink into worse and worse habits. I was wondering if my habits would keep up if the scenery changed once a week. Maybe the only solution is to put money on the line. My initial thought is that this would be chaotic but we have computers to sort out the best schedules. It's hard to evaluate the merits without testing it out. I'm not sure overall learning would decrease. The drawbacks are more obvious than the merits, however.

Also does a companion's level of interest have any bearing on how interested you are? If someone deeply likes you would you be more interested in them, or is attraction based on other factors? Does it do any good to signal a high level of attraction?

I'm taking the Putnam Exam today. I would be pretty happy if I got a 2 on the exam.

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