TV Review – Hung

I was pretty disappointed by this show. The idea has promise - a divorced, broke, washed up high school football star resorts to prostitution to make ends meet and curry favor with the kids. His pimp is a wannabe poet, an artsy woman who is ill-suited for the smooth talking and innuendo that the job requires. In the hands of semi-competent writers this would lead to comedy gold. Unfortunately, Hung is not very funny. The two main characters keep screwing up the prostitution gig - but in ways that aren't really too funny, like Ray (the main character) falling for a client or Tanya getting suckered into providing free service. His kids are the complete rejection of Ray - out of shape, gothic, unpopular - but I can't really believe them being the dad's children. Furthermore you could tell from the second episode on that the show is setting up for Ray's ex-wife to order his services, there's no real way around it. The show's billed as a comedy, but I fail to see the humor. I should have stopped watching way earlier than I did.

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