What I Will Be Reading Next Week

I will be making my way slowly through this list of the best sports journalism of all time.

On the nightstand: Consider the Lobster: And Other Essays, by David Foster Wallace

On the shelf:

How to Sail Around the World, by Hal Roth. I am trying to figure out whether I like the idea of sailing around the world better than I would like sailing around the world. If I decide I want/can do this I'm going in June.

Maiden Voyage, by Tania Aebi. Tania sailed around the world at 18 in a 35 foot boat with no previous experience. If she can do it I can.

Homage to Catalonia, by George Orwell. I reread Politics and the English Language for class last week and remembered how much I enjoy Orwell's style.

The 4-Hour work Week, by Timothy Ferriss (again).

Coming soon on Link+:

The Story and Its Writer, by Ann Charters. This book was recommended to me by a former teacher.

How to Cheat at Everything, by Simon Lovell. Currently I'm too accomodating and nice.

I am reading more and more short stories, because they can be finished during a meal or before bedtime. Unfortunately pleasure reading is at the bottom of my priority list. I could use a vacation, a campus-wide Internet shutdown, or more efficient work habits. Hopefully I can make a dent in this list. Or at least decide that I'd rather not read some of these books.

Liked what you read? I am available for hire.

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