When everyone on your team is more skilled than you are…

Say you're a recent hire and everyone else is kicking your ass, or you're taking a class with a group project and everyone else has more experience than you. Some thoughts:

1) You need to be the hardest worker on the team. Show up earliest, stay latest, and put in more work than everyone else. Until you catch up you're in the doghouse. Also, the way to improve your skill is to put in more (deliberate, efficient) practice time than everyone else. Some people say th

2) Don't apologize, curse, or be a miser. It goes without saying that you're behind; don't reinforce the opinion. As my old coach told me, "Play like a lunatic today. Give them a reason to keep you. Sell them that practices will be better if you are a part of them. Have energy and enthusiasm."

3) Know your limits; don't bite off more than you can chew. If you can't do X, don't volunteer to do X, or try to complete it. Try to become excellent in a few key areas.

4) Don't accept low expectations.It's hard to dig yourself out once people on the team don't expect much from you.

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