Where do I find cool/interesting links?

1. I use an RSS reader to follow about forty different websites (here's an OPML file with all the feeds I subscribe to). Many of the websites I read are also aggregators of good content. My two favorites right now are Hacker News and The Browser. Jason Kottke is also good, as well as Tyler Cowen. 2. I use Delicious.com to save links. I also have the bookmarks of several people on Delicious show up in my RSS feed. Two good people to follow are Andy McKenzie and Ben Casnocha. 3. Very Short List sends out an email a day pointing to cool stuff. 4. I keep a Twitter account that just follows people who link to interesting things. Currently I'm following aaker, bakadesuyo, vaughanbell, globeideas, and harpers. 5. I'm not on Facebook at the moment but Shane Davis and Chris Blees have consistently good material on their Walls. They are possibly the two people at the Claremonts who spend more time browsing for links than I do.

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