Why do I blog

I make no money from blogging, hardly anyone reads my blog and if I ever run/hold a significant public position my blog will probably hurt my job chances. So why blog? I can think of three main reasons.

1) Focus my thoughts - Ideas come through writing and articulating my thoughts can help me give them shape and depth. But I could just as easily do this in a journal, which leads to:

2) Vanity - I can show off on my blog. Because I'm bright but not that bright and want to distinguish myself from the crowd. The blog gives me a place to share what I've been thinking about, and to show off how much I read and know.

3) Historical record - I can track my intellectual progress and what I thought was interesting at various points in time.

Liked what you read? I am available for hire.

One thought on “Why do I blog

  1. your favorite little sister

    i am glad you do. it’s a nice way for me to know what you’re thinking, because we’re both so busy. i always read it. keep up the smart work, bro! you always teach me so much.


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