Capping the 2008 Presidential Election

I'm selling Rudy Giuliani. No way he stays the frontrunner for Republicans through the whole election. As a matter of fact, I'm selling everyone this week but Dennis Kucinich, who deserves points for having absolutely no chance and sticking around anyway. It's March 2007; the election is November 2008. I am a freshman now and will be a junior by the time the election takes place. In the meantime I expect lots of gaffes, empty promises, and soul-selling. The winner will be battered to pieces by the end of this process. As we scrutinize our candidates more closely than we ever have, we will realize that they are not likeable. Or perfect. I will put early bets on Barack Obama mainly because he is the best looking candidate in the field. Mitt Romney would be close except that he's a Mormon. In Massachusetts this can be overlooked but not in the country. Especially as he comes under national scrutiny. I wish we could divide up the presidential position into two positions: an economic leader and a social leader. That way voters could combine fiscal conservativism with social progressivism. I only have one vote to say yes or no to all of a candidate's views. I especially dislike the idea of voting for America's leader based on how he feels about abortion. Abortion and gay marriage are important issues but I don't know how suited they are for address by the President.

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