Does Anyone in the World Want Floyd Landis To Be Guilty?

Even his fellow riders can't want him to be guilty, this doping scandal looks bad on cycling as a whole. I don't doubt that the B sample is going to show as high a testosterone ratio as the other one. The question is how it was achieved, and according to one newspaper's report, it was synthetic. Innocent until proven guilty, and I want him to be innocent as much as the next guy, I just don't think it's gonna happen.

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One thought on “Does Anyone in the World Want Floyd Landis To Be Guilty?

  1. Chuck Dizzle

    I don’t think innocent until proven guilty applies when you deal with steroid controversies. It seems like Barry Bonds has been guilty since the first accusations came out against him. I have no sympathy for Floyd Landis and I hope he is found guilty. Cycling is the dirtiest sport and I am shocked that Lance Armstrong hasn’t been busted for steroids yet. It is a flawed sport not only because so many of the top performers have been busted for performance enhancers but also because the only large cycling competition is held in France.


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