Election Endorsements/Predictions

I expect that the Republicans are going to do better than they're polling right now. As stupid as it sounds, they still have the 'trust' factor going for them over Democrats. Furthermore, many people may tend to say that the problem resides not with my Republican representative but with others. I'll predict that the Democrats will hold an extremely narrow margin in the House, and Republicans will hold the Senate. I'm excited, because I turned 18 Sunday, allowing me to vote for the first time. I'm unsure whether to vote for Santorum or Casey. I will vote for Rendell for governor over Lynn Swann. I don't know who my state senate candidates are and may abstain from that vote. There are two City Charter amendments on tomorrow's ballot - the first one would give hiring preference to children of policemen and firefighters who died in the line of duty. This is a feel-good ballot issue, but I am going to vote no, because this means we'd be turning down someone with better credentials. Furthermore this would only create more bureaucracy and requirements for businesses to fulfill. The second measure would call for a citywide study of contracting practices, which I don't know much about, but I'll trust the Inquirer and vote no. The other measure is a statewide proposition to borrow to give bonuses to veterans of the First Gulf War. I'm going to vote no, because money spent to do this cannot be spent for other (in my opinion better) uses, such as funding Pennsylvania schools.

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