Excellent Mac App: Quicksilver

I have an iBook at college, and recently I started using the application Quicksilver. If you download and open it, odds are you will be initially confused by how simple the app is - just two boxes. I was discouraged from using it. I simply forced myself for an afternoon's browsing session to complete every action - open a new link, compose an email, play a new song, find a file, attach that file to a message to send to a contact, skip to the next song, run a Google search - using Quicksilver. The beauty of Quicksilver is that you can do all of the actions I just named simply and without using the mouse. The two windows in Quicksilver comprise an object and a verb - start typing the object and once you've found what you want (a song, a photo, a document, a Firefox bookmark, an application, the function that lets you run Google Search), press Tab and QS switches to the verb - what you want to do to the object (open, play, compose email, new folder, open URL, copy, etc.) This not only feels really cool but saves the time you'd need to move the mouse to the correct location and open something. Plus, it's nice to be able to do everything on your computer from a single location. Dan Dickinson has a good tutorial on his blog, A Better OS in 10 Minutes. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to run their computer faster and/or more simply.

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