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Need some good-looking, fake friends? They're available for 99 cents at FakeYourSpace.com I've finally found a good use for my Wall - get some attractive male models to post cool things to it. Or, better yet, a good use for my friends' walls!! Want to make your friend appear like he's into men? Confuse the hell out of him? This website is perfect. This reminds me of those Candygrams you could send anonymously for a dollar back in middle school.

Liked what you read? I am available for hire.

One thought on “Fake Your Space – Digital Candygrams

  1. james

    there (sadly) is another site (www.mobilealibi.com) where you can schedule “Image” calls – complete with fake voices and Caller ID information – to make yourself look more popular. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer “rescue” calls to help you escape bad and boring situations.
    Is this a trend?


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