For Those of You Who Play Second Life…

Remember that you have to eat real food in order to survive. Isn't it crazy that we can derive pleasure from watching pixels move across a screen? I don't mean to be critical, I simply find Second Life fascinating. For some people I'm sure it is a 'second life' - a place to be a different person, a more interesting person than in real life.

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One thought on “For Those of You Who Play Second Life…

  1. Papa J

    I think it is creepy. You don’t even have to be a person as your character. You can be a gnome or and elf or some random fantasy character. Also it is ridiculous that people can make real currency (by real I mean you can buy something of substance with it, not money used to purchase moon boots or a new nose for your character) through this game. I read an article about a man who made a couple hundred thousand US dollars by selling realestate in the game for the Second life currency, and then trading his fake cash on e-bay for real dough. Also this is a stalkers best friend.


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