Free Box/Idea Repository – Revision

I was thinking about it some more and there's no way the original person who had the idea can get credit, because that raises intellectual property, who-was-there-first, stealing issues that I'm not planning on resolving as the web host. Credit can only be given voluntarily by whoever decides to run with the idea. I still think it's worth a shot. It combines the best of web 2.0 ideas: digg - users can digg others' ideas to make them more popular/show increased demand tags - users can tag ideas so browsers can see all ideas related to a topic. this could be useful for businesses canvassing public opinion wiki - if the originator of the idea wants, he could make it a wiki so people improve upon the idea and make it more rigorous and popular. I've seen things on the web for computer programs and other specialties. I want to cover everything under the sun. So there's my idea, the first one of the Repository.

Liked what you read? I am available for hire.

3 thoughts on “Free Box/Idea Repository – Revision

  1. gocards44

    I’m well aware. I won’t have the computer programming/business skills to develop this site for another five years or so. I’m offering it for free, because I think it would benefit everyone.

  2. Danny

    It seems like the first idea in your “idea reposistory” is going to have to be the idea of the “idea repository” because theres no way you can know the legal ramifications/copyright brouhaha that it would incur. So it seems like you need someone else to get the idea of the “idea repository” running.


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