Global Warming

There are two issues here that come in separate yes or no votes: 1) The Earth is getting warmer. 2) Humans are causing the earth to get warmer. I don't know if anyone denies anymore that the Earth is getting warmer. Whether or not this is because of humans is still subject to (some) debate. The most credible refutation of 2) I've heard so far is that the earth is getting warmer because of a warm period that comes roughly every 3000 years. So be it. In 100 years, as I understand it, half of Bangladesh and most of Manhattan will be underwater, human causes or not. This requires action. Send scientists to the Netherlands, do whatever you have to. The Earth is warming, human cause or not. We need to start building dams or enacting cooling measures fast. My own opinion is that it might be too large a coincidence the Earth started warming around the time of the Industrial Revolution. It's better to prepare for global warming and be wrong than assume it's all a big hoax and watch millions drown in low-elevation areas.

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One thought on “Global Warming

  1. Nick brads

    all these people that believe that global isnt happening are just plain stupid. There are scientific facts that the earth is warming up and they still dont believe it. Theres people that believe that democrats are making global warming up, how stupid is that


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