I Couldn’t Care Less about JonBenet Ramsey…

She was a cute six year old, she did beauty pageants, she died, and it was mysterious. This is all very sad. But it happened ten years ago, and there's nothing we can do about it. There were 94 homicides in Oakland last year, and papers outside of the Tribune could care less. People are getting slaughtered daily in Darfur, and we're worrying about a girl that died ten years ago, because one guy in Thailand confessed to the murder, and he might not even have been the killer? Of course it's extremely sad to see any six year old die, and the circumstances are mysterious. But I cannot believe that we are giving this story front page news coverage ten years on, when there are many more sadder, preventable things we could be covering in the news. JonBenet Ramsey is dead, let's give the story the brief mention it warrants in the wire section, and move on.

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7 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Care Less about JonBenet Ramsey…

  1. MST

    What a horrible thing to say! This six year old girl was brutally murdered and all you have to say is “i couldn’t care less”! You are a truly nasty person!

  2. gocards44

    Please, you’re missing the point… There are an incredibly large number of sad things that occur every day, and there is only so much space to cover them on the front page of the New York Times. I am more angry at the media’s excessive coverage of a confession of a man who probably didn’t even commit the crime, when there are current crises that barely draw coverage.

  3. gills

    None probably caresless about YOU. This buetiful little girl had here whole life taken away and u say you couldn’t care less. Let’s just hope a member of your family isnot murdered in the way in which Jonbenet was. I think u are a total fuckwit – MILLIONS of people care about what happened to that little girl. Was it a rockspider or her parents?? The same fact remains that an INNOCENT girl was brutually murdered and molested. Keep what ever it is you have wedged up your arse. If you died tomorrow then that would be something to not careless about – (and u’d get your F-IN SUPRISE)

  4. gills

    I understand your anger over media coverage of the so called killer – but that is no damn excusse to write such dribble about a little girl. Why not redirect that anger to the damn media that takes everything and makes it nasty. I seriously hopre u are not a parent

  5. Zoe-Marie

    I can tell straight away by your comments that you are NOT a parent, if you were you would not write such a disgusting statement. Unfortunately our world is full of evil and there will always be plenty of horrific crimes to report in the media. As parent and someone who cares don’t you think I deserve the right, along with every other caring people out there to find out what really happened to JonBenet and be happy in the knowledge that the killer has been found and justice will hopefully be served?
    I’ll leave you to think about that!

  6. Sara

    I understand how you “couldn’t care less” about Jonbenet…I don’t agree, but I get what you mean. A better choice of words would have been appropriate. I feel terribly for the Ramsays loss and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, but I sincerely have had enough with that being front page news. The childs death was an act of evil that is now being glorified by the press. When and if they catch the ***** who did such a thing, then announce it. Don’t make John Ramsay and the rest of the family relive the horror day after day with the fact that this has gone unsolved for ten years, that Patricia died without knowing and facing her daughters killer, that there were mistakes made by law enforcement, etc. So, I think my point being made, the press giving this “unknown” killer his/her fame, I would like to see less of this story.

  7. Lainie

    Are all of these people for real? I guess we have become a society that is so policitally correct that your wording has offended them. Well not everyone is offended, for one being me. I could careless what happened to this kid, there are other larger issues in the world and still the news people can not let this go. It comes down to just one thing and one thing only. Money. TV gets more ratings, papers sell more if it is on the front page. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the family but, if we don’t let it go, how does anyone expect the family to do the same and move on?


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