It Shouldn’t Be Campaign Season Yet

The cover of TIME Magazine has a big picture of Hillary Clinton discussing whether or not she's going to run for president, with two big checkboxes for "Love Her" or "Hate Her." Barring any sort of martial-law grab at power, the next Presidential election takes place on November 4, 2008, over 27 months from now. Considering that politics reach extremes of populism in election years, and considering that Hillary still has to manage a Senate re-election, the TIME cover is misguided and will only fuel the beginning of sniping season. Not too far down the line we have to assume that we will be in a continuous campaign season, which takes maybe the time from November to January (inauguration) of an Election Year off, and then straight back to campaigning. Any unpopular decision, however necessary it may be, will be viewed in terms of voter approval, not in terms of how much America needs it to happen...There will be enormous pressure to foist bad situations onto the Congressmen and presidents to follow, rather than handling them immediately.

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