It’s hard to ghostride a Prius

When I'm at home I live in the Bay Area (the area around the San Francisco Bay, including SF, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, and surrounding communities), which has its own rap subculture. This includes unique slang terms, expressions, sideshows, and dance moves. This article (subscription required) is a good primer. One popular Bay activity is 'ghostriding the whip,' where you idle your car forward and everyone hops out and walks around outside it. If you have good looking people they go on top of the car or on the hood. I tried to ghostride my Prius the other day. When I got out of the driver's seat, not only did the car start beeping and flashing messages at me, but without pressure on the pedals the car just slowed to a stop. With the combo gas/electric engine, when you ride at slow speeds the gas engine shuts off, and the electric engine doesn't idle forward as well. Ghostriding hybrids presents a tough challenge. Probably I just need to find a hill that'll roll the car for me.

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4 thoughts on “It’s hard to ghostride a Prius

  1. Eric

    HAHAHAHHA. Kevin Burke you got a Prius? Also, I’ve been reading what you have written. You have talent. Thanks for all the insights on undergraduate admissions. Good luck at UPenn

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