Kevin Burke, You have a message waiting

For those of who spend a lot of time at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, you may be familiar with the Jim Nantz's brother/Buddhist calm voice that comes over the intercom and announces, "So-and-so, you have a message waiting at the Paging Assistance Location." There are plasma TV's everywhere with the names of people who have messages. For some reason, this has utterly fascinated me. Especially cause he announces it once every 2 minutes or so until the person picks up their message. The boondoggle cost Phoenix taxpayers $16 million, or 100 Charles Barkley blackjack hands. I checked out one of the Paging Assistance Locations and it's a pretty sweet contraption. It has a keyboard, touch screen, and phone. I don't know why you'd need a Paging Assistance Location, especially considering everyone and their moms has a cellphone, and you could just call someone with your message. Though when you call someone it doesn't broadcast your message to the whole airport. Next time I am here I think I'm gonna leave like 20 fake messages. But first I have to catch my flight home.

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