MLS All-Stars vs. Chelski, 3:30 PM PST, ESPN

This one should be interesting. I haven't watched MLS at all this year, since they moved my beloved San Jose Earthquakes to Houston. Chelsea, flush with money from Sibneft multibillionaire Roman Abramovich, is pretty much the all-star team of the world. However, this is just a warm-up game for them, and MLS players know that the world (well, more of it than watches a usual MLS game) will be watching. Since the highest salary in MLS is around $450,000 per year, putting on a good show could be highly lucrative. Of course if MLS can beat the #1 team in England it could mean increased respect and attention for our American league. The detractors will say that it was just a warm-up game and nothing was on the line, but if that is the case, American clubs will never play European clubs with anything at stake, except in World Cups.

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