More on Mr. Aaron Durley…

NBA talent scouts were watching his birth. He was a good 4'2 coming out of the womb. My friend and I were discussing how many 6'8 13-year olds there are on the whole planet. There can't be more than three or four. More about him here. Aaron Durley, again

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2 thoughts on “More on Mr. Aaron Durley…

  1. Sarah

    This kid is soooooo huge! I met him when my nephew was playing for the Columbia Mo team. I was 25 when I met him last year, and I’m only 5ft tall. I didn’t believe it at first til I met him. Gawd his hands and feet are huge. Made me look and feel like a little munchkin. I looked like the 12 yr old, and he looked like the 25 yr old! Darnell, sounds like your on your way to be Aaron’s size too.


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