This Semester at Penn, in the news

Senior arrested for breaking into girls dorms, stalking them, and stealing underwear and handbags. Much loved sophomore Anne Ryan dies of meningitis. Economics professor admits that he killed his wife with a chin up bar following an argument about whether their daughter would miss school for vacation. Admissions director Lee Stetson steps down after 29 years, leaves only a voicemail, no one knows why he left. Penn Police shoot and kill a man at a strip club off campus (The man had shot the DJ, and refused to drop his gun). Dozens of shots fired a block away from campus, one dead, one cop shot in the thigh. A security escort walked a girl home and then exposed himself on her doorstep. A student was raped in her off-campus apartment. Our poor school. We need to stop the violence.

Liked what you read? I am available for hire.

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