Unbuying iTunes songs

I wish there was an option in iTunes to unbuy songs that you don't like. Perhaps you can even pay more later for songs you like a lot. For example I downloaded Pop Lock & Drop it by DJ Huey, because it was in the Billboard Top 100 and I was misled into thinking it would be a catchy song (NOTE: I know a lot of the Top 100 songs are absolute junk, like Mims, but at least they have a beat and something to sing to). Maybe once you get your utility from a song you can sell it to someone else. Seriously though, if the music labels are gonna be really concerned about DRM, and use examples about how you wouldn't steal bread from a bakery but you'll steal a song from an artist, you should get resell rights on the music you buy. The problem would be verifying the song is gone from your computer once you've sold it. You can't sell something to someone and keep it, or people would demand it for free, which they do. I get the feeling though that if the record labels could shut down every illegal downloading site, they still wouldn't allow resell rights.

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3 thoughts on “Unbuying iTunes songs

  1. nospam2012

    I’m not so sure this is a good idea i dont have an portable mp3 player i just use my minidisc player which i can record from my cd’s, i think i would wait until an mp3 player came with a radio as i love listening to it.

  2. dm1270

    i hope there is. i clicked to listen to it and just recently i bought a song and i accidentaly click buy and i bought the worst song ever… makes me sad


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