MLS 1 Chelsea FC 0 thanks to a Dwayne DeRosario rocket midway through the second half. Yes, Chelsea was in preseason. Yes, they were playing 5,000 miles from home. Yes, it may be hotter in Chicago than in England. And maybe yes, "the grass was a bit long," as John Terry said. Still, a team of guys making under a half a mill a year each took soccer's Steinbrenner dream and beat them. Most were expecting the north London side to win by 3 or 4 goals. If you watched the MLS boys play, they played hard, made key tackles, didn't shy away from players worth millions more than them, and resisted a sharp onslaught at the death, including a John Terry cameo as striker. Let's hope this shows MLS investors, and Lew Wolff in particular, because I want a team in the Bay Area again, that MLS players have talent. The league has gone 12 years, is still solvent, and revenues get better and better each year. So hurray MLS and let's hope we can keep it up in inter-league matches like Champions Cup and friendlies. This can only be good for the league and the players looking to move overseas. Next year we take them on at Stamford Bridge, or take on Arsenal at Ashburton Grove, and when we can play well there we'll know we've made it.

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