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Fed releases

Cheat sheet: reacting to data and market releases weak data = Fed ease, stocks rally consensus data = lower volatility, stocks rally strong data = economy strengthening, stocks rally bank loses $4bln = bad news out of the way, stocks rally oil spikes = great for energy companies, stocks rally oil drops = great for the consumer, stocks rally dollar plunges = great for multinationals, stocks rally dollar spikes = lowers inflation, stocks rally inflation spikes = will inflate all assets, stocks rally inflation drops = improves earnings quality, stocks rally

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Bless Them

Republicans, traditionally known for being smarter about the economy than Democrats (and less literate about social issues), battled in an economic debate in Michigan, and some of the quotes that came out were really funny. Lenders would love a John McCain presidency, especially if he keeps talking like this:
"I'm glad whenever they cut interest rates, I wish interest rates were zero."
More from Free Exchange, via Matt Yglesias.

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