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August 2022
How to Ventilate Your House

June 2022
How much does a San Francisco Chronicle subscription cost?

May 2022
Sour Punch Strawberry changed their formula

May 2022
Get Urgent Care from One Medical

January 2022
You Can Build a Skyscraper Anywhere in Davis Right Now

December 2021
Ten years of experience, still failing phone screens

October 2021
Different Realms, Different TLD’s

October 2021
Fast, Parallel Database Tests

August 2021
Where are Datadog’s US1 and US3 data centers located?

July 2021
John Elberling is Probably Cheating On His Taxes

June 2021
Cheap ideas for slowing down speeding cars

March 2021
Preferred Stock and Common Stock Aren’t The Same

January 2021
How to Force a Recall Election for the SF School Board

January 2021
Decline the 15 Minute Post-Vaccination Waiting Period

September 2020
How to Get a Human Operator on the California EDD Paid Family Leave line

September 2020
Let employees sell their equity

September 2020
Building a better home network

August 2020
To Predict If You’ll Like a Beer, Look at the Hops

May 2020
If someone asks if you have any questions, ask a question

June 2019
Using a Bernzomatic TS8000 Kitchen Torch to Sear Meat

March 2019
Phone Number for SFMTA Temporary Sign Office

March 2019
Using an AWS Aurora Postgres Database as a Source for Database Manager Service

February 2019
Going Solo, Successfully

October 2018
Improving Bike+Bus Routes through Belmont Village

September 2018
Why is Caltrain spending $2 billion on electrification & closing SF on the weekends?

September 2018
Proposed SSF East Side Station Exit Prioritizes Cars, Not Caltrain Passengers

September 2018
Research on railway suicides and steps Caltrain could take

September 2018
Bike and pedestrian improvements east of the South San Francisco Caltrain station

July 2018
AWS’s response to ALB internal validation failures

July 2018
Amazon’s ALB’s do not validate TLS certificates from internal services

July 2018
Otto LLC Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (bankruptcy)

May 2018
Opportunity for more affordable housing in Belmont

May 2018
Housing by the numbers

April 2018
Profile Anything in Any Language in Under a Minute

March 2018
Where is everyone going to live?

March 2018
How to write Go middleware

February 2018
Historically Significant Laundromats

November 2017
You Shouldn’t Use Faker (or other test randomization libraries)

October 2017
Proxying to a subcommand with Go

October 2017
Running Bazel tests on Travis CI

October 2017
Make your Go Binaries Homebrew Installable

October 2017
CircleCI trusts 8 analytics companies with your source code and API tokens

September 2017
Let’s talk about Javascript string encoding

May 2017
Things to Use Instead of JWT

April 2017
Pragmatic Web Development in Go

March 2017
We Can’t Keep Ignoring the Bay’s Housing Politics

January 2017
Why Leap Seconds are Tricky and How to Deal With Them

December 2016
Ethical Considerations for Software Engineers

November 2016
Tradeoffs in Software Provisioning Tools

November 2016
An API Client that’s Faster than the API

October 2016
Election Guide (Part 2) – CA Ballot Propositions, State Senate, more

October 2016
San Francisco Voting Guide – Propositions and Supervisors

September 2016
Dumb Tricks to Save Database Space

August 2016
More Comment-Preserving Configuration Parsers

July 2016
Real Life Go Benchmarking

June 2016
Cleaning up Parallel Tests in Go 1.7

June 2016
Buying stocks without a time limit

May 2016
Six Years of Hacker News Comments about Twilio

May 2016
A Two Month Debugging Story

May 2016
The Frustration and Loneliness of Server-Side Javascript Development

April 2016
Go Concurrency for Javascript Developers

April 2016
The TSA Randomizer iPad App Cost $1.4 Million

February 2016

February 2016
Encoding and Decoding JSON, with Go’s net/http package

February 2016
How to push to multiple Github accounts from the same machine

January 2016
Just Return One Error

December 2015
Safely Moving a Large Shrinkwrapped Dependency

November 2015
Everything you need to know about state machines

October 2015
Weird Tricks to Write Faster, More Correct Database Queries

September 2015
Maybe Automatically Updating Dependencies Isn’t a Great Idea

September 2015
Avoid Priming Interview Candidates

September 2015
Don’t Use Sails (or Waterline)

August 2015
Stepping Up Your Pull Request Game

August 2015
Logging Database Queries in CircleCI

May 2015
Fixing Engineering’s Loyalty and Longevity Problem

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